Meet us at IBC 2016 - hall 8, stand 8.B38I

Visit us at IBC 2016 at Amsterdam and see ALTO - Modular Cold Storage for Media. At Disk Archive we specialize in managing the large volumes of content you need to store securely, and access occasionally, without it costing the earth!

Modular Cold Storage

Much of the content you store does not need to be on your Nearline. If you need the convenience of disks but with the economics of Tape, ALTO may be right for you. Very high density cold storage with an unmatched total lifetime cost of ownership, managed by the industry's leading MAM and Archive Management solutions.

Remote Management

ALTO designed for a world where Persistent storage is increasingly distributed between your premises and your data centers. Distributed ALTO systems can be easily managed down to individual disk drive level, from anywhere in the world.


Managing Removable Disks

ALTO has always been great for Disaster Recovery systems, with its ability to make additional replicas of your strategically important content at a second site over a wide area network. But if your corporate policy, or your client, or your insurer calls for a shelf copy, how does that work? In 2016 we are introducing a Disk Externaliser and shelf-storage tracking system for DR replicas. Now every media asset can be correlated with an externalized disk and shelf location so you can restore a shelf disk to ALTO, or individual files to any available computer.

New at IBC - Web Monitoring and Management

We introduce an entirely new user experience for the ALTO Archive and Content Library. With the increase in popularity of distributed archives comes a requirement for distributed management and monitoring.


Our management system has number of new functions including a new visual user interface, which allows each of the distributed archive nodes and all of the system components to be managed from any location, down to individual disk drive level.


This offers a new degree of flexibility for facility managers and administrators to see the entire system resource, at a glance from any location on any Google™ Chrome™ enabled device.


Whether the Archive is in a data center, or as is often the case, in a hazardous or geographically inaccessible location, the new user experience allows the system to be managed and monitored from a network operations center in a secure location.

New at IBC - ALTO Externalizer, Shelf Storage Management

We demonstrate a new shelf-storage management capability for ALTO.


The ability to externalize storage media is a capability widely supported in high-end data tape library systems, but the ability to externalize individual disk drives from a petabyte-class disk storage system is unique to ALTO.


With archive disks now costing less than $25 for 1TB, externalizing disks provides highly effective business continuity strategy.

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