ALTO ARX is designed for the task of easiest start of archiving, followed by years and years of smooth work. 


ALTO ARX is the physical representation of what #HappyArchiving is about. It takes only power and network connection to make your data safe for a century of lifetime.

Power in tiny package

Compact high density storage with 24 data slots giving up to 336 TB of digital storage in 4RU ALTO ARX Chassis with 22"/56cm length.


Highly secure with user-selectable Replication, avoiding lengthy RAID rebuilds which can leave valuable content vulnerable.


Off the shelf 6TB, 8TB, 10TB, 12TB and 14TB disk drives with spin-down for century long lifetime and no-EOL replacement cost.


ALTO ARX is fully compatible with other ALTO ARX and ALTO G3 systems, allowing de facto infinite archive.



Delivered with preconfigured storage, or as a bare chassis supporting any mix of disk drive size from any manufacturer, allowing increase of capacity as you go while prices fall and capacities increase.


ALTO ARX is best starting point to build scalable and flexible solution for content libraries, enterprise archive and work groups.


It provides a distributed systems with high availability, and can be configured in business continuity configurations.


ALTO ARX enables the removal of disks from the ALTO chassis for media transportation, local media access, and vault storage.


A disk removed from any ALTO will be recognized by any other ALTO and a disk can be opened offline with any standard computer.


Power Saving - Archived media tend to be infrequently accessed so the storage can be offline, providing that it can be brought online quickly for Reading or Writing.


ALTO uses this principle in a unique storage architecture in which each independently controlled disk can be spun-down when not being accessed for reading or writing. The Green disks used in ALTO have inherently low power consumption and are designed to support spin-down operation.


This unique blend results in significantly lower power consumption per Terabyte than any other disk storage - comparable to a Data Tape library, but with the random access benefits of disk storage.


Lower power consumption and heat result in outstanding environmental credentials.