ALTO G3 - incredible storage density increase over previous generation

ALTO Essential

ALTO Essential is a must-have for any entry level archive project with a capacity range from 8TB to 420 TB in small increments of cost and complexity, disk by disk. You can use locally sourced disk of any size from any vendor at any time, making it a future-proof investment.


ALTO Essential can easily grow to almost petabyte in a single 4RU box and scales without limits to ALTO Freedom or ALTO Infinity with its unlimited externalized storage.

ALTO Freedom

ALTO Freedom is a no-brainer for any digital archive.


With storage density of 11 PB of uncompressed data in a single rack, a modular architecture allowing multi-location replicas, and ultra-low power consumption, ALTO Freedom provides unmatched archiving solution.


Security achieved through user-selectable replication, freedom from migration, using disks of any size from any vendor, and simple integration with all major media asset management systems gives you the flexibility you need for your archive.

ALTO Infinity

ALTO Infinity packs all the bells and whistles your digital archive needs, including full externalization of individual disk drives for shelf or vault storage, and infinite storage capacity. Operational efficiency is enhanced with Partial File Restore.


Infinity includes the ALTO+1 cloud replica capability, creating copy of last resort and multiplying the resilience of your archive.

Infinity and beyond!