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Actify Software and ALTO: Streamlining Your Media Backup with Precision and Affordability.

Actify is renowned for its prowess in efficiently safeguarding IT infrastructures, tailor-made for both budding businesses and medium-scale enterprises. This excellence is now amplified with the integration of ALTO-III from Disk Archive Corporation. This collaboration paves the way for enhanced, fortified backup of precious broadcast media resources.


In the fast-paced media domain, there’s a surge in content production stored in Online storage for Broadcasting and Near-Line shared storage for Postproduction edits. It’s paramount for facility heads to have an economical strategy in place to regularly back up these invaluable media files, be it raw footage, ongoing projects, or the polished final output. Traditional manual backups eat into precious time, and maintaining a full-fledged redundant online or nearline storage is financially draining.


By leveraging Actify Software, media professionals have the freedom to set backup schedules or instantly back up specific or entire media collections to the ALTO-III archive. This union guarantees a foolproof cold storage solution, ensuring prolonged, secure storage of media commodities, all the while being cost-effective and environmentally conscious.

Key Benefits


Timely Backups

Automated daily backups of your essential raw footage and ongoing media projects to a fortified and affordable archive.

Pre-maintenance Assurance

Secure your priceless media files before any scheduled maintenance or upgrades to your storage systems.

Swift and Smart

Once the initial backup is done, subsequent backups to ALTO capture only the modified files since the last backup.

Budget-friendly & Sustainable

Cost efficiency coupled with a minimized carbon footprint, leading to power conservation and elongated disk lifespan.

“Partnering with Disk Archive has enabled Actify to broaden its horizon to cater to the broadcast and expansive media sectors.” comments Alan Hoggarth, CEO at Disk Archive. “Our collaboration stands as a testament to our commitment to assuring clients of the safety of their media assets.”

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Actify Software


Actify is a suite of groundbreaking software applications devised to back up computing systems running macOS, Microsoft Windows, Linux, and even Network Attached Storage setups. It employs the client–server backup archetype. Sculpted especially for the small to medium business milieu, Actify offers three distinct backup types: A Recycle backup eradicates a complete backup set, substituting it with a fresh one. A New Media backup formulates a novel backup set, replicating all untouched files. Administrators can employ scripts to initiate a Scheduled backup built on preset specifics – ranging from the source, destination to other intricate details. This ensures a systematic, resource-efficient backup process, preserving storage integrity.

ALTO Archive 


Actify Software, operating on a dedicated IT server linked to online and nearline storage, supervises the media file backup to ALTO. Whether it’s a daily safeguarding routine or a periodic maintenance backup, ALTO crafts a singular replica of every file. If required, a dual replica can be configured, especially when ALTO functions as a two-fold media archive. Backup frequency is customizable. The initial phase entails a comprehensive backup, followed by systematic incremental backups, optimizing time and resources. Every individual disk within ALTO remains static and off when it’s not engaged in read/write operations, slashing power usage and prolonging disk longevity. In situations demanding file recovery, the requisite disk springs to life, ensuring rapid retrieval and restoration.


Founded in 2007 as NetJapan, Actiphy was launched in 2020, specialises in developing innovative backup and disaster recovery solutions under its "only one technology" ethos. Actiphy's global presence ensures that Enterprises large and small can enjoy comprehensive protection, preventing data loss and minimising downtime during critical  incidents.

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