Solutions Using ALTO


ALTO provides very cost effective central storage for Agency Feeds and produced Content.


Journalists access media through newsroom computer systems.


Our reference users in News Production include VGTRK, KNN, JTBC, Vox Africa and Indigo.


ALTO can be used together with a MAM, DAM or Archive Management  systems for the central archive in broadcast operations.


ALTO can also complement an existing Data Tape Library to reduce maintenance costs and improve performance.


Our reference broadcast archive clients include Arena Group and PCCW NOW-TV.


ALTO provides an efficient and cost effective central storage for post production facilities, including integrating with leading MAM suppliers to provide NLE Sequence Parking.


"ALTO Selecta" - an optional Partial File Restore capability makes it practical to select and restore highlights from Long Form Rushes.


Our reference clients include PCCW and Infinite Frameworks and ACT GmbH.

Central Delivery

ALTO provides an efficient central storage for integrated linear playout and video on demand operations, feeding integrated playout appliances.


Our reference clients include Integral in Dubai.

Master Archive

Best to replace your content cold archive.


Data Vault

Only solution to allow disk storage in vault or safe, i.e. on the shelf.