ALTO Users in Europe

Disk Archive ALTO is providing cold storage digital archive at hundred of locations around the world. New customers and new locations are deployed monthly. Recently ALTO manages 100PB of media archives around the globe.

VGTRK, Russia

10 sites of Regional News Production


In 2010 Russian National Broadcaster VGTRK embarked on a project to renew the facilities in their Regional News Production stations.


In the first phase of the rollout, 10 regional Stations were equipped with an ALTO-100 Archive to provide secure and accessible store for large volumes of News Content in each station.


TeleArena, Italy

Broadcast Archive


The Arena Group in Verona, Northern Italy is a Regional TV Station Group which is has chosen to deploy an ALTO-150 Archive as a Central Content Library and Archive.


The first of the Arena channels was upgraded to include ALTO in Q1 2011.

Evengelische Omroep, Netherlands

Broadcast Archive


EO - part of the Netherlands Public Broadcast network, offers a range of Religious Broadcast and Online services.


ALTO is integrated with a VidiSpine File-Flow layer and Cantemo Portal MAM in an on-premise installation with more copies automatically replicated in a secure off-site data centre. 

Ukraine Broadcaster

Media Archive


ALTO Content Library is deployed at Ukrainian Broadcaster in Kiev, serving as a media archive, through System Integrator ComTel.


The system is integrated using the ALTO Filer HSM Virtual File System and Replicator, directed by the GVG Stratus Media Asset management System.


Vox Africa, London

Pan-African News Broadcaster


Vox Africa broadcasts across the African continent in English and French Languages.


ALTO Archive was installed at Vox Africa’s London News Production studios.