Wolves Summit

October 24-26, 2016

Warsaw, Poland

Wolves Summit

Disk Archive makes semifinals of "Great Pitch" competition


Guide to Disk Archiving

Everything you always wanted to ask about digital archiving

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November 7-10, 2016

Lisbon, Portugal

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November 8, 2016

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November 16-18, 2016

Moscow, Russia

ALTO third generation launched. Benefit from 293% higher storage density over LTO 7 systems.

ALTO - Best of Breed Archiving Technology

Disk Archive provides easy, secure and affordable technology for archiving and cold data storage – ALTO - “Alternative to LTO”. 


We created ALTO – high-density, enterprise-class, offline data archive solution - to allow a convenient and cost effective alternative to cumbersome robotic tape libraries and expensive clustered RAID storage setups. ALTO provides easy scalable capacity and scalable security thanks to user defined replication level. Due to non-spinning disks, ALTO has ultra-low power consumption and triple digit extended disk life. ALTO combines on-line and off-line data storage using individually managed commodity disks that can be externalized for vault storage and bank-like security. ALTO integrates with other systems through standardized API or native low level control of the system, and is supported by over 30 industry leading asset management providers.


ALTO offers the flexibility and scalability to deliver a secure, reliable long-term archive. When business requires, ALTO easily expands its capacity without complexity in small increments for low costs. An ALTO based archive can start as a single device at a single location, and grow up in scale, security or geography without limits. For high speed Archive and Restore access ALTO is deployed at low cost on-site, connected to a local LAN. For increased resilience, ALTO supports off-premises deployment at geographically separated location, independently of it being another building or another continent. 


ALTO takes advantage the most recent strategies for data protection, with the unique ability to add disks of any capacity from any vendor on an as-needed basis. ALTO scales to 1EB (1,000PB), so we avoid costly and time-consuming migration. Our disk management software Prometheus allows idle disks to be stopped, saving power and allowing the data to last 100 years. For ultimate security, individual ALTO disks can be externalized. The most advanced file system ext4 used by ALTO environment allows the disks to be opened on any PC, Mac or Linux Computer, allowing easy access to any of the files, or even non-proprietary forensic data recovery. The actual data may be per user choice additionally secured by transparent encryption.


Our expertise in media storage and management is the foundation to create best-of-breed and rock solid archive system. Disk Archive’s ALTO provides performance and economic benefits over obsolete, slow and costly data tape libraries, as well as over expensive, power hungry RAID storage systems. ALTO allows Enterprises, Broadcasters and Media Companies to complete the transition to fully tapeless operations. We have combined deep domain knowledge and experience to create ALTO. We love the result, and stand behind the system. Join the group of ALTO users.

Disk Archive has made semifinals at "Great Pitch"

Disk Archive has made semifinals at "Great Pitch" during Wolves Summit together with 30 other startups out of 221. Exciting!


By the way, do you know that all text at The Library of Congress are estimated to have digital size of about 10TB, so they fit to a single hard drive?!

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TMD integrates Disk Archive ALTO with Paragon archive

High density MAID cold data platform adds to the storage options available for archiving package


Hall 2 B59, IBC 2016, Amsterdam: TMD, the leading provider of media asset management systems for digital and physical assets, has partnered with Disk Archive Corporation (DAC, Disk Archive) to add the ALTO to the storage options for TMD Paragon archive solution.

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Meet us at IBC 2016 - hall 8, stand 8.B38I

Visit us at IBC 2016 at Amsterdam and see ALTO - Modular Cold Storage for Media. At Disk Archive we specialize in managing the large volumes of content you need to store securely, and access occasionally, without it costing the earth!

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