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ALTO - II Archive and Content Library

A secure, high performance media archive with low total cost of ownership and excellent green credentials.

ALTO-II is a scalable, flexible and highly secure alternative to a Data Tape Library for archive storage, offering faster access for many more users with a low capital outlay and very low total cost of ownership.

A number of historical arguments favoured data tape as an archive medium including low media cost, high capacity and robustness, but ultimately the performance of a Data Tape Library is limited by the complex mechanical systems for selecting and loading the data tapes; sequential access to the data stored on linear tapes; the need to share a limited number of Reading and Writing devices and significant routine maintenance and downtime.

ALTO takes advantage of recent developments in disk drive technology including the latest high capacity SMR techniques and new strategies for data protection to offer unique performance and economic benefits whilst at the same time eliminating widely held concerns about the security and running costs of high capacity Drives in data storage arrays. Tapeless workflows are already firmly established in Media Acquisition, Production and Distribution. Now with ALTO the same benefits are available for Archives and Content Libraries.

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