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ALTO-Connect Software

Low-level integration options for ALTO with
FTP, FXP and vendor-specific interfaces for automated and manual workflows

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ALTO Connect

Multi-tiered storage systems for media platforms can be very complex. The combination of large file sizes and high throughput necessites a two or three tier storage approach. ALTO is a deep archive alternative to data tape or cloud archive, which can be used in a hierarchical storage scheme to improve performance, reduce costs and lower the carbon footprint.


Integrating complex storage systems with media platforms is best done at the API level to maximise throughput and expose the richest feature set for each individual platform. ALTO Connect takes an innovative approach to solving these integration issues using existing protocols, drivers and vendor-specific APIs to create a simple but powerful integration.


With ALTO Connect, you can use ALTO as a fast, affordable and future-proof single replica on-premise archive, backed up by a second replica on an existing tape library as an intermediate step towards tapeless operation. As the Tape Library approaches end-of-life, ALTO can replace it on-site or in a remote data center for disaster recovery. The cloud replicas are only downloaded for disaster recovery, so expensive access fees are eliminated in operational use.


Media Platform Integration 

Use existing protocols, drivers and APIs to create multi-vendor solutions. Scalable from workgroups to enterprise archives. 

Managed Vault Storage

Externalised disks to shelf or vault storage with QR code labels and location tracking to create a ‘copy of last resort’.

Dropbox Option for Manual Archiving 

Create a simple web-based user experience with local ingest and outgest and optional metadata enrichment. 

Archive Utilities  

Disk Conditioning; SMART monitoring, file integrity checking and automatic write protection to enhance security.

Integrating ALTO archives with your media platform of choice is easy with our ALTO Connect software” says Alan Hoggarth, co-founder of DAC. “ALTO Connect offers a range of options to integrate with multiple different industry standard and vendor specific protocols and approaches.

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The ALTO Connect Approach 

Traditionally the combination of a stub file system and hierarchical storage system (HSM) has provided an easy way to integrate disparate storage tiers. Modern archive systems need much more comprehensive capabilities. ALTO Connect is based around an open source database and offers a very wide range of integration utilities. A protocol translator adapts proprietary protocols to ALTO’s Rest-based API and a CIFS/SMB emulation is provided for high level integration with support for FTP and FXP protocols. ALTO Connect also offers a range of management utilities for file integrity checking and automatic write protection.

How it works... 


The default replication in ALTO is 2:1 which creates disk pairs, 3:1 replication creating disk triples or 1:1 for highly cost effective backup volumes. The replicas can be within the same enclosure or more commonly distributed between enclosures often between geographically separated locations for security and diversity. An entire set of replica disks can be externalized for shelf or vault storage with QR code labels for tracking. Recent developments include a private Drop-Box capability for manual workflows with local ingest and outgest to USB devices and hard disk drives for content acquisition and distribution.

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