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ALTO ARX Workgroup Archive

Easy-to-deploy, low-cost, low-vulnerability and high performance standalone archive solution for your team’s media and data archive.


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If you are a smaller media organisation or department in a larger organization looking for an alternative to a tape autoloader for your media content and data archive, and realise that both on-premise RAID and cloud archives are too expensive, use too much power, are too slow, or leave your files too vulnerable, then ALTO ARX is your answer.


Place an ALTO ARX in your operation, either on-premise or as a self-hosted private cloud, and benefit from 50TB or 100TB storage to archive your media.


ALTO technology is designed for the media sector and proven in over 300 system installations worldwide. Totally open standards based and non-proprietary, this out-of-the-box archive product provides you with archive storage for your team with the minimum of effort.


Easy to configure, ALTO ARX delivers fantastic restore times compared to LTO or cloud archives, has a low carbon footprint, provides a less vulnerable environment for your files, and a lower lifetime cost of ownership than any alternative on the market.


DAC offers a storage and a field-upgrade program that allows you to start with 50 TB and expand to 100 TB with no service cost penalty, and easy migration to ALTO-III for a Petabyte-sized enterprise archive with high availability, geographical distribution and disaster recovery.


Ease of Deployment

Out of the box product requiring minimal maintenance that integrates easily with your media platform of choice.

High Performance 

50TB or 100TB archive that provides multiuser access and file restore in seconds, faster than LTO or cloud.

Low Vulnerability to Loss  

Replication of the complete media file on separate disks, so you will never lose your valuable content. 

Low Lifetime Cost of Ownership  Highly competitive initial capital expense and extremely low ongoing operational costs and disk life in decades. 

ALTO ARX is the answer to the smaller team’s archiving needs”, says Alan Hoggarth, CEO of DAC. “This self-contained archive integrates with leading media platforms to ensure you can be archiving your media and data quickly, and have a futureproof roadmap to ALTO III.

The compelling business case for your media team to adopt ALTO ARX for your secure, high density, long lifetime archive

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So what are your options?

It is clear that tape-based archiving is dying. New LTO formats every 3 or 4 years drives up the cost, slow file restore time, restrictive single user access, and LTO supply issues are common. You could use online NAS. RAID is vulnerable to content loss, has a high lifetime cost of ownership, and an undesirable carbon footprint. Cloud ‘archive’ services simply take too long to restore your content. They have very high egress costs. In many geographic regions network restrictions and unreliable access mean cloud archiving may never be a consideration

So why ALTO ARX?  


With ALTO ARX you can benefit from a low total cost of ownership yet high performance archive that has great green credentials and is easily integrated with your media platform of choice.


ALTO ARX is a self-contained archive available in 50TB or 100TB configurations. It consists of high performance green hard drives located in a robust chassis with built-in ALTO Connectsoftware that integrates with leading MAM, PAM, HSM and other media platforms. When you archive a file, the complete file is stored on one disk. A second file replica is written to another disk. The drives are spun down, to save disk life and reduce power consumption. When you need to restore the file, the drive is spun up in seconds and the file is available to use.


No tapes. No egress costs. No geographic issues. Multi-user access. Fast content restore. Low vulnerability. Low carbon footprint. ALTO ARX is the out-of-the-box archive solution of choice.

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