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Scalable deep archive solutions for your media organisation, standalone or integrating with your Media Asset Management; Production Management or Archive Management platform of choice replacing tape storage and complementing cloud offerings

Product Family

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ALTO Product Family


Our flagship product, ALTO III provides a highly scalable, secure and high performance enterprise deep archive

ALTO III enterprise archive systems can be easily scaled on one location or across multiple locations  A single ALTO III Chassis holds up to 60 disk drives. Each ALTO Expansion Chassis adds an extra 60 slots up to 660 Disk Slots per Node and close to10 PB storage. Adding ALTO Nodes increases Capacity, Bandwidth and Availability 


Our entry level pre-configured 50TB 100TB & 150TB archive, ALTO ARX is ideal for small workgroups.

ALTO ARX is a self-contained archive available in 50TB, 100TB ad 150TB configurations. If you are a small media organisation or department in a larger organisation looking for an alternative to a tape autoloader for your media content and data archive, and realise that both on-premise RAID and cloud archives are too expensive, use too much power, are too slow, or leave your files too vulnerable, then ALTO ARX is your answer.

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Web-browser based user interface for monitoring disk status and basic disk administration from anywhere

ALTO Manager is the software that provides monitoring and control of the disks in ALTO units. It drives the LCD on the front  of an ALTO III chassis, reflecting the status of the drives and providing basic drive utilities. ALTO Manager also provides a web server, making this monitoring and control functionality available on user interfaces for remote system administrators and DAC support use for monitoring and remote admin. 


ALTO Connect enables more advanced integration with ALTO through either specific plugins or open FTP/FXP. Use JSON commands to access an open source database and a suite of utilities. Having a database means that ALTO can manage externalised disks. When a content restore is requested, ALTO Connect will first look in primary ALTO, then on a backup ALTO, and if still not available, return the location of drive in the physical vault. 

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Low-level integration options for ALTO with FTP, FXP and vendor-specific interfaces for automated and manual workflows

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