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ALTO SX Data Fortress

A secure, compact and affordable alternative to a data tape library offering faster access for more users and ultra-low lifetime cost of ownership


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Historically, Data Tape was the only cost-effective medium for deep archiving data, but ultimately, the performance was limited by the complex mechanical systems and linear nature of the Tapes. Retaining the benefits of an offline deep archive but moving away from linear tape to high-capacity disks eliminates the complexity and the need for periodic Migration and Compaction routines.


ALTO meets all requirements for a secure Offline Archive, supporting established workflows with established MAM and Archive management vendors. Each independently managed disk is inherently a self-contained reading and writing device capable of random access rather than sequential data tape access.


The disks in ALTO are individually spun down and switched off when not reading or writing, massively reducing power consumption and giving a disk life for decades. In this mode, the disks are unmounted, offering a “Virtual Airgap” and added security against malicious malware.  


Individual ALTO disks can be removed for vault storage, and ALTO files can recovered forensically with any external computer. Disks externalised to the ALTO Vault are fully Airgap secure to eliminate malware threats. Disks can be read and restored using a local computer.


Superior Storage DensityAny sized disk from any vendor, in any slot at any time* SX supports up to 24 x 22 TB Disks, yielding 500 TB storage.

Compact Expandable Configurations 

When the 24 Disk Slots are fully populated, SX Expansions can be connected, giving a raw storage yield of over 2.5  Petabytes.

Faster Access for Concurrent Users  

Faster access than a tape library with more concurrent users,  no migration, no repack and no routine maintenance.

Hybrid Systems with Public Clouds

ALTO SX is ideal in a Hybrid Configuration. Restores are fast on-prem with no Egress cost, backed up by a Cloud copy for Disaster Recovery.

Distributed Systems & Private Clouds

Create distributed systems between sites, cities and Cities. Locate ALTO in a data center to create a Private Cloud.

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ALTO SX is a compact, flexible and affordable offline archive platform Designed for space-constrained on-prem and transportable installations

Compact ALTO SX System Enclosure │ Up to 500 Terabytes in 4U


Low-Cost Expansion Enclosure │ Up to 4 Expansions per SX Node


Secure Content Replication │ No RAID Rebuilds │ No Robotics


User Selectable content security │ 2x and 3x Replication


Distributed Systems │ Media Redundant, High Availability & DR


Random Access │ Faster Find and Load │ No Restore Cacheing


Removable Media │ Vault Storage | Virtual & Physical Airgap security


API, VFS & Protocol Emulations with over 50 Leading MAM Partners


Offline Cold Storage │ Low Power & AC │ Unbeatable Green Credentials


Off the Shelf Disks │ Any Size Disk from any Vendor | Future Proof


Hot Swappable Disk, Fans and Power Supplies


API or CIFS/SMB Connectivity with ALTO Connect │ Easy to integrate


1GB BMI Monitoring | Multiple 10 GB BaseT & SFP+ for File Moving


Buy as you go Disks - No Migration, no Repack, no routine maintenance.


Hybrid solutions with LTO Tape, Public Clouds & Private Clouds

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