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With over 300 system installations worldwide, we have a lot of case studies to tell you about

Integrate any of the ALTO product family with your media platform of choice (third party PAM, MAM, HSM...) and you have a future-proof, scalable, high performance, green archive. ALTO's unique technology delivers significant benefits over all other forms of archiving, including both LTO and Cloud. No egress costs. Multi-user access. Fast content restore. Low vulnerability. Low carbon footprint. Low lifetime cost of ownership.

Case Studies


ALTO archive integrated with Squared Paper Design's Busby, managing 10 years of horse racing assets.

Key to horse race broadcast requirements is having an optimised media archive capability that provides ease of access and usability for race officials and broadcasters. The traditional video archive flow was limited by slow physical tape processing, and a limiting production asset management (PAM) system integration. RaceTech selected the combination of a Disk Archive Corporation ALTO archive system and the Squared Paper Designs’ Busby ESB system, to provide a new generation solution to meet the demands of race officials and broadcasters. 


ALTO archive forming an integral part of the ITV linear and on-demand content supply chain

A reliable, efficient, and economical content supply chain is an important part of ITV’s linear and expanding on demand service offerings. After evaluating its options, ITV deployed fully redundant and synchronized ALTO archive systems, operating in parallel across two data centers. ALTO contributes to faster and more cost-effective access to content for fulfilment. While conventional RAID-based storage serves as ITV’s production tier, used primarily for receiving and transcoding content, ALTO provides a second storage tier that maintains content for an extended of time.

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