If this is troubling you...

Need to build new digital archive?

Old archive upgrade? 

Forced migration, again?!

Finally enough of LTO? 

Electricity bill for RAID is killing you?

Archive slows you down?

Cloud bill is really crazy and unexpected?

Cloud recovery basically unuseful?



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ALTO ARX - easiest way to #HappyArchiving

Tired of your slow archive?

Fed up with promises about compatibility?

Wasting $$$ and time with gen 5,6,7,8?


Go for ALTO!


ALTO ARX is designed for the task of easiest start of archiving, followed by years and years of smooth work

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The Edison Awards 2018 nomination for Disk Archive

#HappyArchiving makes it way through the world. We have entered the competition with the new product we are cooking now. Shhh... You will like it. Meanwhile keep fingers crossed.


The Edison Awards is an annual competition honoring excellence in new product and service development, marketing, human-centered design, and innovation.


2018 BIG Innovation Award nomination for ALTO ARX

ALTO ARX is not only your ticket to #HappyArchiving. ALTO ARX starts to rock the world and is nominated for BIG Innovation Award!


The BIG Innovation Awards recognize those organizations and people who bring new ideas to life. Whether that idea is big or small, these ideas change the way we experience the world.

Disk Archive Solution Overview Brochure
16 pages for quick overview of the industry and product.
Adobe Acrobat Document 4.7 MB
Disk Archive ALTO Overview and Specifications
All specs and info regarding ALTO Software Defined Storage.
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ALTO - #HappyArchiving Technology

Disk Archive provides easy, secure and affordable technology for archiving and cold data storage – ALTO - “Alternative to LTO”. 


We created ALTO – high-density, enterprise-class, offline data archive solution - to allow a convenient and cost effective alternative to cumbersome robotic tape libraries and expensive clustered RAID storage setups. ALTO provides easy scalable capacity and scalable security thanks to user defined replication level. Due to non-spinning disks, ALTO has ultra-low power consumption and triple digit extended disk life. ALTO combines on-line and off-line data storage using individually managed commodity disks that can be externalized for vault storage and bank-like security. ALTO integrates with other systems through standardized API or native low level control of the system, and is supported by over 30 industry leading asset management providers.


ALTO offers the flexibility and scalability to deliver a secure, reliable long-term archive. When business requires, ALTO easily expands its capacity without complexity in small increments for low costs. An ALTO based archive can start as a single device at a single location, and grow up in scale, security or geography without limits. For high speed Archive and Restore access ALTO is deployed at low cost on-site, connected to a local LAN. For increased resilience, ALTO supports off-premises deployment at geographically separated location, independently of it being another building or another continent.