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Scalable multi-channel playout environment with true M:N redundancy management & ALTO Content Library archive for central storage

Traditional playout automation has software controlling multiple third-party devices. The economics and technical need for this complex approach are challenged by “channel-in-a-box” solutions that replace expensive bespoke units with powerful software operating on industry-standard IT hardware fitted with high-quality video cards.


Broadstream has been at the forefront of this move, delivering software playout with proven high quality and reliability for single or multi-channel operations. Its flagship product, OASYS Player, provides a playout of live and pre-recorded content from a single IT server fitted with a Matrox video card, complete with a richly featured, broadcast-quality branding and graphics display management toolkit. The OASYS solution is scalable from a single-channel to a multi-channel playout with true M:N redundancy management.


OASYS uses the ALTO archive as the central shared storage between OASYS Player servers. The OASYS Media Library indexes all the content stored on the ALTO, creating a metadata XML for each media file. OASYS Media Manager manages the movement of media files to the OASYS Player servers as demanded by each channel’s schedule.

Key Benefits


High-Quality Playout and Graphics

SD /HD playout with logos, lower thirds, smooth tickers, and scrolls, squeezes, and up to 4 picture-in-picture.

Scalable Multi-Channel Playout

Direct control of multiple-channel servers with multi-channel monitoring and As- Broadcast Logging.

True M:N Redundancy Management 

Dynamically manage channel redundancy with 1:1, M:1, and/or M:N configurations with channel prioritization.

Flexible Playout Solutions

Simulcast SD and HD, multiple channels in a box, time-delayed playout, local content insertion, and more.

“The playout environment needs a reliable and cost-effective central storage for the OASYS Player servers to access for their channel’s content”, says Alan Hoggarth, CEO of DAC. 
“ALTO provides OASYS with  the functionality and performance demanded.”

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Scalable Playout Architecture


Each OASYS Player operates on a single standard IT server, fitted with a Matrox video card, to create a broadcast server. The OASYS software provided on each machine is feature-rich, with all the functionality needed to run a single-channel linear playout in a standalone configuration reliably. OASYS Player and other OASYS software components form a scalable, flexible multi-channel playout environment. OASYS Redundancy Manager provides true M:N management, OASYS Multi-Channel Monitor provides single UI monitoring of multiple channels, and OASYS Logger provides collated As-Broadcast Logs for each channel.

Flexible for Any Playout Application


OASYS Player provides a high-quality, frame-accurate SD or HD playout of primary and secondary video, audio, and real-time graphics following schedules imported from third-party traffic systems and/or created in OASYS Scheduler, with comprehensive live monitoring and control. Playout can include SD and HD content in the same schedule with automatic up/down conversion, channel branding, smooth tickers and scrolls, squeeze backs, up to 4 picture-in- pictures, and subtitles (open, closed, or DVB). Further options include SD/HD simulcast, multiple channels in one box, time delay playout, and local content insertion.


BroadStream Solutions acquired OASYS in 2014. OASYS has been at the heart of software-based playout solutions for over 20 years. OASYS solutions are reliably in operation worldwide.

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