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Unleash the Power of Smart Media Archiving with and the ALTO Content Library

In today’s digital age, media professionals are inundated with a torrent of new content. However, efficiently cataloguing, accessing, and managing this plethora of files remain challenging. Furthermore, the ever-growing need to archive while maintaining easy access to high-resolution media files demands innovative solutions., in partnership with Disk Archive Corporation, offers a comprehensive and intelligent solution for these challenges. New media is ingested and automatically catalogued by axle. Users can add metadata manually or automatically using axle’s AI tools. Archives can be automated from axle to ALTO based on user-specific rules, providing a seamless management and archive solution.


At the heart of this seamless integration lies the ALTO Archive and Content Library. Engineered for performance, durability, and affordability, ALTO ensures that your media is securely archived and replicated in cold storage with disk life in decades and an optional physical vault capability for true air-gap security. ALTO offers a non-proprietary, transparent solution to all your storage needs with the lowest lifetime cost of ownership and no more Migration.

Key Benefits


Intelligent Ingest & Catalogueing

Seamlessly ingest new media, automatically generating high-resolution and proxy files optimized for’s interface.

Enhanced Metadata & Adobe Integration

Enhance media metadata within axle and access content directly from NLE streamlined Production workflows.

Visual Archive Indicators

Easily identify archive status with axle’s unique icon system, from unarchived files to those securely stored in ALTO.

Efficient File Restoration

Recall archived media with a simple click, restoring files to their original location and updating their archive status seamlessly.

“Our partnership with DAC and the integration of with the ALTO Content Library revolutionizes media archiving,” states Neil Blake, Director EAME & Global Integrations at “Clients can now seamlessly manage, access, and archive their digital assets, ensuring both longevity and ease of use.”

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Integrated Workflow with and ALTO


The synergy between third-party Ingest tools,, and ALTO is outstanding. When new media is ingested, immediately recognizes the high-resolution files, checking for associated proxy and XML metadata files. The files then swiftly populate the axle interface, readily accessible for authorized users.


Within axle’s intuitive interface, users can enhance metadata, further enriching the media’s searchability and organization. With the seamless integration with the Editing platform, creatives can directly access, search, and pull content from without ever leaving the editing suite.

Smart Archiving with ALTO and axle Indicators 


With the partnership between and DAC, archiving becomes an intelligent process. axle. ai uses a unique icon system to indicate a file’s archive status. From files never archived (no triangle icon) to those archived but still on primary storage (transparent triangle icon) or those entirely moved to ALTO with only a zero-byte placeholder remaining (filled triangle icon), users have a clear visual cue. Users can select their desired files for archiving, and with a simple click, send them to ALTO-III Enterprise Archive, ALTO-SX Compact Archive or the ALTO ARX Workgroup archive. If a user needs to recall a file, it’s restored to its original location, replacing the zero-byte placeholder and updating the archive status indicator.

ABOUT AXLE AI is a cutting-edge software company that delivers intuitive media management and archiving solutions. Based in the US, we empower media professionals globally with innovative AI-driven tools and metadata processing capabilities, serving the media and entertainment industry.

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