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ALTO and DALET Galaxy Five.png

Enterprise-class MAM driven integrated
with ALTO archive for central storage

Dalet Galaxy is an enterprise Media Asset Management platform which unifies the content chain by managing assets, metadata, workflows and processes across multiple and diverse production and distribution systems. Specially tailored for media workflows, this unique technology platform helps broadcasters and media professionals to increase productivity while providing operational and business visibility.


Dalet Galaxy is the common and unique platform to address all Dalet business solutions for news, sports, program-preparation, Radio, long-form production and archives. A central, unified multimedia content catalog manages media, essence files and metadata across the organization making assets available and enabling collaboration across the entire enterprise.


ALTO archive storage is integrated with Dalet Galaxy to provide a scalable and flexible MAM solution with an attached a scalable, high performance and very low lifetime cost of ownership deep archive. The ALTO unique architecture store media files contiguously on green SATA drives, which when not being accessed are spun down and turned off, providing a low power consumption and longer disk life solution.

Key Benefits


MAM for the Non-Technical Operator

Anyone can create and distribute video content from their desktops, without technical knowledge.

Simple to Implement

Simple Dalet Galaxy MAM architecture combined with the flexible MAID architecture of ALTO storage.

Lower Cost to Operate and Maintain

Intuitive Dalet Galaxy operation with lower power consumption and longer disk life media storage.

Powerful media tools

Media file management, content spotting and project based video editing, and third party NLE integration.

“Dalet Galaxy integrated with ALTO archive storage provides a power deep archiving solution. With custom designed archiving workflows and advanced metadata, archiving just became easy and efficient, with a low carbon footprint”

ALTO and DALET Galaxy Five system diagra

Unifying the Enterprise


A central content catalog stores all multi-media content across all workflows. Customized, contextual metadata forms for cataloguing and indexation with glossaries and thesauri ensure that content is quick and easier to find. All assets are available for fast production and multiplatform distribution. The Dalet Galaxy workflow engine orchestrates media workflows across the enterprise, providing greater visibility and efficiency. An easyto- use modelling tool lets users graphically chart workflows; helping define roles, responsibilities and processes while embedded reporting tools provide a clear view of operational and business performance metrics.

Dalet Media Life for ALTO Archives


With Dalet WebSpace, users can access many Dalet tools via a simple Internet connection. Searching, browsing, and previewing clips are a few examples. In the archive business, tools to manipulate metadata are key. Dalet Galaxy supports unlimited structured metadata sets that are contextual and easily configurable, allowing each type of content to be catalogued with a specific data model. Media files, like audio or video, can also be logged at the timecode. The use of a thesaurus lets librarians remove any ambiguity while manually cataloguing content. Content can also be logged automatically through the use file-based analysis tools, such as speech to text.


Dalet software-based solutions enable media organizations to create, manage, and distribute content faster and more efficiently, fully maximizing the value of media assets.

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