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Create, Manage, and Deliver content with the Mediator Workflow and Multi-Channel Playout Platform and the ALTO Content Library

Content delivery is evolving. Consumers of content have many alternatives for linear and non-linear viewing. Traditional broadcast facilities are moving towards a file and IT-based delivery architecture. Factors driving the migration include operational cost reduction, time to market for new channels, and faster delivery to new customer platforms.


The Evertz Mediator Content Management and Playout solution offers a new eco-system for content delivery in a truly integrated and fully IT-based solution. Mediator allows content providers to increase efficiency and reduce operating costs by simplifying workflows and publishing to linear and non-linear platforms. Evertz’ Playout and Content Management solutions also scale from small Single-channel applications to large multi-channel playout facilities. ALTO archive integrates with the Evertz Mediator to provide a scalable, flexible, and highly secure tapeless media archive.


The ALTO unique architecture is based on data replication, which offers higher security than RAID storage, lower power consumption, and extended disk life based on affordable locally sourced disk drives, providing a lower cost, higher performance and more environmentally friendly archive.

Key Benefits


Simple Workflows 

Highly Integrated, streamlined, and automated end-to-end workflows for on-air linear and non-linear delivery.

Fast Library Digitisation 

Migrate video libraries to the digital domain with maximum throughput.

Efficient Content Distribution

Desktop search and browse, then prioritize and deliver large volumes of content more efficiently.

Rapid Launch of New Channels 

Launch complex multi-language channels in hours with powerful channel templates for secondary events.

“The ALTO Archive completes the transition to a fully tapeless workflow” says Spencer Rodd, Technical Director of Evertz. “As part of a Mediator workflow ALTO offers both performance and business benefits, with low cost of ownership.“

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Media Management


Evertz Mediator software provides client interfaces for ingest and media asset management. Ingest servers support real-time ingest of SD/HD SDI feeds to standard codecs (such as XDCam, IMX,  AVClntra, and JPEG2000), using Internally developed I/O for increased performance and with low latency confidence playback. H.264 proxy copies are created automatically, and metadata is generated.


Content is stored on the Evertz SuperNASTM for online access and archived to the DAC ALTO Content Library.  Open-standards interfacing to central storage allows for easy expansion and scalability.

Automated Playout 


Evertz Playtime software provides client interfaces for linear playout of channels from Evertz Overture LIVE servers. Each server contains an integrated playout solution to reduce system complexity and time to market. In addition to video/audio playback, each server includes a full video/audio mixer, advanced VANC processing, full audio processing, and support up to 6 HD/SD live inputs.


Advanced graphics with virtually unlimited graphics layers enable high-quality channel branding. Using a template-based graphics approach, dynamic text, 2D and 3D DVEs can be applied for promos, squeeze back, and reveals.


Evertz is dedicated to providing leading edge products and responding to customer needs and market trends. The Pharos division specializes in Content Management and Delivery systems which are in use by leading media companies.

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