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Create, access and share production proxy media and associated metadata in a collaborative and flexible media environment

Broadcasters have relied on tape transportation and transfers for many years. Tapes arrive and are handed to scriptwriters, who pass them to the editors while also liaising with the studio department to record a piece to camera. This system is prone to security issues, delays, and miscommunication. At the end of production, rushes and final productions remain on tape in vast tape libraries, which are not conducive to fast access or reuse.


IPV CURATOR effectively replaces these tape-based processes, offering considerable technical and economic benefits. Curator’s desktop tools allow rapid search and access to production proxy and metadata libraries, with advanced viewing, editing, and annotating facilities. It enables communities to work and collaborate effectively and concurrently on media production and management for various broadcast workflows, including rough-cut editing, content compliance viewing, asset management, and media annotation.


The ALTO archive provides a scalable, flexible, and highly secure archive system. The IPV Device Director transparently controls the archive and restore requests made by Media Desktop users utilizing the ALTO API functionality.

Key Benefits


Controlled access & Increased Security

Group and user permissions to enable controlled access to each incoming media, securely stored on ALTO.

Richer Programming Increased Speeds

Frame accurate browse media of all ingested assets, with instant access to incoming media and the entire archive.

Access to a Far Richer Archive

Associated metadata added via Curator at ingest and during project creation is available for all media

Export EDL to FCP, Premiere & Avid

EDL rough-cuts, instantly available to all departments, can be converted and exported to FCP, Premiere & Avid NLEs.

“CURATOR integrated with ALTO is replacing slow and insecure manual tape-based processes with efficient file-based workflows”, says David Cole of IPV. “CURATOR is creating the collaborative and reliable media environment needed by today’s fast turnaround media organisations.”

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Ingest & Transcoding


IPV XCode Transcoder creates frame-accurate Windows Media proxy versions of the incoming HiRes content. The IPV Device Director, an easily expandable device farm management and load balancing tool, controls the transcode, archive, and scene-change detection devices.


IPV SpectreView Server manages the recording and streaming of the frame-accurate proxy files directly to the Curator client on a standard GigE network. IPV XChange provides file-system spying and metadata extraction capability.

Asset & Metadata Management


IPV Curator provides a server and client-side system for asset and metadata management. The central Curator System Core controls the database of assets, metadata, users, and permissions. The Curator Media Desktop provides frame-accurate browse and rough-cut tools enriched by searchable metadata libraries.


IPV Process Engine provides access to automated and user-initiated customizable workflows. A web-based monitoring tool allows simple management of processes, and a Process Designer application provides an extensive process design environment.


IPV, headquartered in Cambridge, England is the industry leader in timecode enabled browse technology for the broadcast sector. IPV’s  collaborative Asset Management solutions provide ingest, catalogue, archive and edit.

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