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Enabling users of Avid workgroups to free up edit storage space and
easily archive whole projects or backup complete workspaces

Due to the high capital cost of edit storage and the challenges of managing scarce resources in the production process, starting a new project can be complex and expensive. A solution is needed to free up storage space, optimize content movement between edit suites, and ensure content security.


MARQUIS PROJECT PARKING is an easy-to-use, cost-effective utility for project management, archiving, and transferring entire Avid projects. Editors and facility resource managers can copy or move complete Avid projects quickly and easily to the ALTO Content Library, then restore them to any Avid workstation or shared edit storage.


MARQUIS WORKSPACE PARKING provides disaster recovery backup for entire workspaces, retaining media and projects even after it is deleted from shared online storage. Both backup and restoration can be scheduled, and results are notified by email.


ALTO provides a cost-effective, secure, and scalable archive solution for project archives using PROJECT PARKING. Marquis and DAC have addressed the challenge of disaster recovery and business continuity.

Key Benefits


Improve Flexibility and Efficiency

Move bins or whole projects, and free up disk space on Avid edit suites.

Reduce Capital Expenditure

Park media onto lower cost storage, releasing capacity on high capital cost NLEs.

Cost-Effective Workspace Backup

Ensuring media and projects are backed up onto lower cost storage in case of the need for disaster recovery.

Scheduled incremental Backup

Fast and reliable incremental backup of workspaces, with project version support

“The combination of Project Parking and ALTO creates a long-term, low cost, flexible and reliable solution,” says Paul Glasgow, Managing Director of Marquis, “Parking and ALTO create a complete archive, backup and durable disaster recover solution .”

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Rapid Workspace Backup on ALTO


Project and Workspace Parking from Marquis transparently synchronize complete edit projects or workspaces into the ALTO. Backups are incremental, with the option of storing versions of projects as required.


Backed-up media tends to be infrequently accessed, so the storage can be offline, providing that it can be brought online quickly for Reading or Writing. ALTO uses this principle in a unique storage architecture in which each independently controlled disk can be spun down when not accessed for reading or writing.

Embedded Nearline Cache 


The ALTO hardware consists of both a fast access Nearline cache and cold backup storage. ALTO intelligently manages file transfers for increased accessibility when synchronising share storage or rebuilding workspaces from the ALTO Backup.


Restoring the projects or workspaces is a simple operation completely replacing the need to reingest and re-link media. Projects can be restored to new workstations or shared storage. Media and projects are stored in the archive in the original folder structure and format, creating an open, readable archive or backup.


Founded in 1998, Marquis Broadcast provides a range of media integration products designed for the data intensive and challenging requirements of today’s fast paced broadcasting environments.

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