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A cost-effective and easily implemented browse, search 
and access solution for the ALTO Content Library

In today’s file-based world, getting content into an archive is simple. The challenge is finding the right tools to add metadata and provide advanced search, locate, and restore capabilities. Normally, the investment needed to achieve this and enter the media asset management space is quite high in terms of project management and capital investment.


BORNEO 2.0 Mini is an entry-level archive management solution from Media-Alliance. Available as a single-box embedded solution or based on external servers for larger configurations, BORNEO 2.0 Mini makes it easy to implement and use your first ALTO system while giving you an upgrade path to a full enterprise-class Media Asset Management system in the future. BORNEO 2.0 Mini can be installed and operated without any specialist technical knowledge. It incorporates all the tools you need to get started.


BORNEO 2.0 Mini supports automatic media file import from hot folders and built-in transcoding to high-quality H.264 browse proxies and thumbnails. Up to three concurrent users can browse clips using simple Web browsers, adding metadata to enable advanced searches, creating EDLs, and exporting high-resolution media files.

Key Benefits


Easy to implement entry-level system

BORNEO 2.0 Mini is the first shrink-wrapped solution requiring no engineering or specialist knowledge

Easy to use, feature-rich user interface

BORNEO 2.0 Mini provides media import, metadata entry, browse, search, and media export functionality

Export Rough Cut EDLs to popular NLEs 

EDLs can be created and exported to Adobe Premiere; Apple FCP7;  Avid Media Composer, and GVG Edius.

Upgrade Path to full enterprise MAM

BORNEO 2.0 Mini can be upgraded to the full Enterprise MAM solution protecting your investment.

“We have delivered 24 projects based on  ALTO in as many months,”   says   Giovanni   Soldi, CEO of Media  Alliance.  “Now  BORNEO 2.0 Mini makes  it  even easier to take the first steps with lower capital outlay, less  risk, and  less  disruption.”

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Easy to Install and Integrate


BORNEO 2.0 Mini integrates directly with ALTO using the API. At the entry level, it can run in a Windows VM on the ALTO Hardware and use a small proportion of the ALTO Disks in RAID mode for online Proxy storage. In the VM configuration, BORNEO 2.0 supports from 200 TB to 5 PB of Media-Redundant Storage. As requirements grow and need change, BORNEO can be Migrated to an external server to support Main & Backup ALTO systems, adding Hardware Redundancy to the Media Redundancy and supporting up to 10 PB of off-line cold storage, with a modest capital outlay, ultra-low power consumption, and greatly extended disk life. BORNEO 2.0 Mini is a surprisingly powerful solution at a very affordable price.

Easy to Administer and Operate 


The BORNEO 2.0 Mini Archive Manager includes rules-based User Management to grant access to any three concurrent users from any number of connected web browsers on the network. Users can start to experience the ease with which media assets can be ingested, searched, browsed, and restored in an intuitive media environment. BORNEO 2.0 supports proxy Transcoding for the most popular HD and UHD Codecs. Specialist file formats and wrappers such as RED 3D may be supported as an extra cost option. New formats and Wrappers are implemented from time to time. Contact Media Alliance or DAC for the latest formats.


Founded in 1991, and headquartered in Brescia, Italy, Media-Alliance delivers scalable reliable, feature-rich solutions to premium media organisations worldwide.

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