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Cubix empowers its users with the tools to define and grow past, present and future workflows and environments, integrating with ALTO for cost-effective archiving.

Select Cubix as your modular and scalable Media Asset Management (MAM) and Orchestration platform, and you have a complete end-to-end solution that integrates ALTO green archive solutions with a wide range of media supply chains and transformative workflows. Cubix allows you to revolutionize and control your business, from ingest to archiving.


Cubix is file and codec agnostic, understanding everything from the simple image, audio, and video formats to complex reference files (OPAtom, DCP, DPX, image sequences) and ancillary files (subtitles, PDFs, and ISOs). Combined with ALTO, use the Cubix intuitive UI and automated workflows to efficiently, reliably, and cost-effectively store and restore your content files from your low carbon footprint archive.


Entirely configurable and easily adaptable with changing requirements, Cubix provides you with an intelligent centralised workflow solution that can be integrated with best of breed on-premise devices and cloud solutions through a powerful API. Whether you are a broadcaster, content owner, or other media company, Cubix integrated with your ALTO will empower you and give you complete archive control.



Ease of Operation

Scalable, powerful, fully featured MAM, deploying the latest technologies for robust and reliable operation.

Maximise Throughput 

Use Cubix orchestration capabilities for “end to end” workflows that optimise your ingest to archive performance. 

AI Powered Discovery

Find your ALTO archived content  faster with richer metadata through the Cubix integration with leading AI services.

Spot & Spin Media Services

Use the ORTANA team’s decades of experience to digitise your content and place it on an ALTO archive.

“ALTO forms an integral part of our new approach to media asset management”, says  Fraser Jardine, MD of Ortana. “It enables us to deliver local or remote media archive services that are more efficient and reliable, adding to the value of our Cubix media asset management solution.”

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Powerful MAM and Archive


Ortana Cubix is a powerful media asset management (MAM) and archive solution purpose-built for media and broadcast facilities. It sits across entire facilities and encompasses all the required workflows and media management, processing, and delivery, including the ALTO archive in an enterprise-class platform.  Its open approach enables integration to as much existing estate as possible - allowing Cubix to efficiently “glue” together all resources into a single monitored, multi-tenanted, automated, and orchestrated layer. The Cubix UI enables operators to easily find and review content stored in the ALTO content library and restore it ready for use faster and at a lower cost than alternative on-premise or cloud archiving technology.

Spot & Spin Media Services  


Spot and Spin offer services for digitizing tape and film-based material with integration to ALTO. Fully automated ingest processes can be scaled to process huge libraries or bespoke low-volume rare format ingest of tape and film, using ALTO for fast and reliable content store and restore from archive. Designed and operated by specialists from the industry with decades of experience, specifically on and around the challenges of digitization, Spot and Spin draws on that experience, combining it with a strong focus on efficiency and accuracy through automation and orchestration. Combined with ALTO, this service provides a fast archiving solution with a low carbon footprint and low total cost ownership.


Ortana offers a wide range of services - from Systems Integration through to support, hosting and professional services.  Throughout all our services, we pride ourselves on having a service-lead approach, reflecting our roots.

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