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Retrospect Software and ALTO enabling you to automate the efficient, secure and cost-effective backup of your valuable media assets.

Retrospect are experts in the back-up of entire IT infrastructures with a suite of applications designed for the small to medium sized enterprise. Now, in combination with ALTO-III and ARX Archives from Disk Archive Corporation,  this expertise extends to efficient and secure backup for valuable broadcast media assets.


Media operators capture and produce large amounts of content on Online storage for Transmission, and Nearline shared storage for Editing. To guard against equipment  failure in service, or prior to an upgrade or maintenance  session, facility managers need a cost effective way to create a daily incremental backup of these high-value media files whether they are rushes, work-in-progress or finished programs, such as work-in-progress edits and rushes. Manual backup is too time consuming though, and having fully redundant online or nearline storage for this purpose is much too expensive.


Using Retrospect Software media operators can efficiently schedule or manually trigger the backup of all or part of their collection of media assets from online and nearline storage to dedicated ARX archive, or a partition of an enterprise class ALTO-III archive, a secure cold storage solution for secure, long term storage of media assets with the lowest lifetime cost and the lowest carbon footprint.


Scheduled Backups
Automate the daily backup of your valuable rushes and work in progress media files to a cost effective and secure archive.

Backup Before Maintenance
For peace of mind, backup up your valuable media files prior to maintenance on your media systems or storage.

Efficient and Rapid
After the initial backup, all subsequent backups to ALTO will only be for those files that have changed since last backup.

Cost Effective and Green
Lowest lifetime cost of ownership and a low carbon footprint by spinning down individual disks when not in use, saving power and greatly extending disk life. 

With Disk Archive, Retrospect now extends its backup expertise to the broadcast and wider media sectors.” says JG Heithcock, General Manager at Retrospect. “Together we provide peace of mind, ensuring our clients media assets are safely backed up.” 

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Retrospect Software


Retrospect is a family of software applications that back up computers running the macOS, Microsoft Windows, and Linux operating systems and Network Attached Storage systems. It uses the client–server backup model. Designed for the small to medium enterprise market, it performs three types of backup: A Recycle backup deletes an entire backup set and adds a new one. A New Media backup creates a new backup set, copying all the files not already included and scripts can be introduced to run a Scheduled backup based on predetermined information supplied by the administrator, encompassing source, destination and other criteria, enabling a backup session to scan and protect your storage in an orderly way to minimise impact on system and network resources.

ALTO Archive  


The media file backup process to ALTO is managed by Retrospect Software running on an IT server connected to the online and nearline storage. For this daily or maintenance backup application ALTO creates a single replica of each file or optionally two replicas when ALTO is used as a redundant media archive. Rules can be set for the frequency of the backup. Initially a full backup will be performed, then an incremental backup can be performed periodically, saving time and system resources. Any individual disk in ALTO is fully spun-down and stopped when it is not actively reading or writing, dramatically reducing power and A/C consumption, and greatly extending disk life. When a file restore is required, the individual disk is spun-up, mounted and restoring in seconds.


Retrospect has been protecting data since 1989, protecting over 500,000 homes and businesses in over 100 countries, with the same engineering, sales, and support teams that our customers rely on.

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