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Archive Mediator is an efficient API bridge between the ALTO Offline Archive & Production Systems, supporting Partial Restore for fast-turnaround projects

MEDIATOR from Saurabhi Media is an API-based integration bridge between Media Asset Management and Archive Management systems and the ALTO Offline Disk Archive from DAC, offering an alternative to LTO and other Linear Data Tape storage systems.  Archive Mediator enables existing Storage Management systems to be extended to integrate with ALTO as the fast local archive replica and deep storage tiers hosted in a data center or a  Public Cloud for copies of last resort and disaster recovery.


DAC and Saurabhi are pleased to introduce the field-proven MEDIATOR for GV Stratus to archive content produced using GV Stratus to ALTO the tapeless Offline Archive. The Stratus Archive is scalable in small increments of cost and complexity from 200 Terabytes to more than 20 Petabytes, with the lowest lifetime cost of ownership and impeccable Green Credentials.


A key advantage of MEDIATOR is Partial File Restore. As content resolutions increase, file sizes increase dramatically and can be difficult to manage. Partial Restore allows users to select sub-clips from the archive, saving network bandwidth, editing storage, and saving time to turn around News Packages and Sports Highlights.


Fast Archive and Restore

API-based Integration with ALTO for fast archive and restore with ALTO Offline tapeless archives.

Supports Partial File Restore

Restore sub-clips, speed up News and Sports turnaround, and make better use of editing storage.

Manage Legacy Tape Migrations

Modular Software scales up to meet large-scale Tape Migration, then down to meet steady-state demand.

Create Cloud and NAS Replicas

Fast on-prem performance backed up by a tier three Cloud Replica for Disaster Recovery with no egress charges.

“ALTO is field-proven in Television and Film preservation, with hundreds of installations worldwide” says Alan Hoggarth, Co-Founder and CEO of DAC “Now with MEDIATOR the benefits are extending into a much broader range of Production applications”

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Flexible Integration


MEDIATOR links Media Asset Management systems, Archive Managers and  Production systems such as GV Stratus to an ALTO Archive using industry standard protocols and connectors. This ability to integrate today’s Production Platforms with a wide range of Legacy Content Management applications and Automation systems with a tapeless ALTO for accessibility and Cloud Storage for DR makes it easy to swap-out Data Tapes and Robotic Libraries and extend the life of Legacy CMS and Automation.

Flexible Migration  


When it comes to MIgrating an existing Tape Archive to a Disk or a Disk & Cloud Hybrid solution, MEDIATOR helps get the task done efficiently. System components needed for the long term can be supplied with Perpetual Licenses. Additional system components needed to manage Petabytes of legacy content efficiently can be supplied “As a Subscription“ and allowed to lapse after the Migration is done, investing for the long term and subscribing for the Migration.


Saurabhi, is a specialist provider of software solutions for Broadcasters and Media companies streamlining archive workflow, reporting, and migration for disparate on-premise and cloud technologies. Saurabhi’s proven technology is used by the world’s largest media organisations. 

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