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DIVA Software Suite and ALTO enabling you to archive and monetize your media assets in a future-proof tapeless solution. 

The DIVA Software Suite from Telestream makes it easy for media organizations to archive and manage digital content for broadcast and production operations.  


DIVA Software continues to be the most widely deployed archive manager and HSM in the broadcast sector, moving content between legacy robotic tape libraries, online, nearline, and cloud storage. When tape libraries reach the end of life or support, many customers prefer a disk-based offline storage alternative. Telestream has partnered with Disk Archive Corporation to support ALTO in its solutions. ALTO provides improved performance and access and offers a lower lifetime cost of ownership and a more acceptable carbon footprint than cloud archives.


ALTO offers a seamless, high-density replacement for an aging data tape library.  The replication-based architecture supports mixed disk capacities within the system, eliminating migration and providing compatibility with future high-capacity disk developments. Delivering high availability and fast concurrent transfers, ALTO scales to multi-Petabyte capacity for enterprise archives, future-proofing your investment in DIVA and offering a best-of-breed solution for new deployments.


Tape Library Replacement

Seamless swap-out for an end-of-life tape library or transition to tapeless with a dual-media hybrid.

Low Lifetime Cost of Ownership

Powers down individual drives that are not being accessed, minimising power consumption & greatly extending disk life.

High Performance and Availability
Eliminating mechanical tape handling and tape drive contention provides a superior user experience with high availability.

Vault Storage OptionsSupports managed disk externalisation for Copy of Last Resort, Disaster Recovery, and content transportation.

“With Telestream, DAC has found an innovative partner and a proven technology for self-hosted archive storage.” says Alan Hoggarth, co-founder and CEO of Disk Archive Corporation. “DIVA integrated with ALTO offers users a transition to a tape-hybrid or fully tapeless media platform.”

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DIVA Software


DIVA Core, formerly DIVArchive, is the central element of any DIVA system. It manages multiple tiers of media storage locations, including the ALTO archive, and services all requests for file transfers, status reporting, and resource management.


A DIVA Link connection point integrates ALTO with DIVA Core, using ALTO Connect Virtual File System Software to replace or augment legacy data tape archives.


DIVA Analytics collects quality and performance data in real-time within the storage infrastructure and provides statistics regarding past and current system utilization parameters, helping to plan future system evolutions.

ALTO Archive  


ALTO replicates content for file redundancy, creating multiple copies on disk drive pairs or triples for user-selectable security. The disks are located in distributed enclosures for high availability. The individually controlled disks are fully spun-down when not reading or writing, minimizing power consumption and A/C and greatly extending disk drive life. When DIVA requests a file restore, the individual disk is spun up, mounted, and restored in seconds.


An additional level of security can be created by externalizing replica disks to vault storage to provide a  ‘copy of last resort’ for business continuity or disaster recovery. Shelf coordinates are managed by ALTO Connect with QR code labeling and scanning.


Telestream® specializes in products that make it possible to get video content to any audience regardless of how it is created, distributed or viewed. Telestream enables users in a broad range of business environments to leverage the value of their video content.

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