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Mediaflex integrated with ALTO enables you to create and manage confidently cost-effective archives that protect your valuable content 

Select Mediaflex as your hierarchical storage management (HSM) platform, and you have an archive that can scale from systems for single users or small workgroups to large national archives responsible for safely storing petabytes of data.


The Mediaflex system provides an open architecture to deliver a media-aware storage management system. It creates a fully-managed digital content library that is device-independent, future-proof, and secure while enabling easy access to archived content and making it simple to repurpose it across teams and organizations.


Mediaflex has the flexibility to be used as a standalone archive solution and can be extended for wider business requirements by combining it with other TMD media services platforms. Its proven integration with legacy LTO tape libraries and the future-proof ALTO disk-based archive enables a smooth migration from one to the other or a direct path to the ALTO. Mediaflex simplifies the Search and Browse of existing assets stored within the ALTO archive, enabling monetization through restoring and repurposing for new delivery streams.


Intuitive & Easy-to-Use

Mediaflex’s HTML5 user interface offers precisely the archive functionality required with no distractions.

Data Integrity

Mediaflex provides the capability for verification, a checksum, at every archiving and processing stage.


Mediaflex enables existing LTO libraries to be extended and migrated to ALTO, or to implement a fully tapeless ALTO archive.

Open & ScalableMediaflex has an open architecture, which can be integrated with Mediflex-UMS and implemented  with  third party systems.

“Mediaflex and ALTO make an ideal partnership”, says Ben Cousens, Product Manager at TMD.  “Together they provide a cost-effective, robust and high-performance solution for archive management”.

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Migration from Tape to ALTO


Mediaflex helps you manage your data by maintaining a full audit trail for your media assets and physical media, including externalized tapes from LTO systems and even externalized disk drives from an ALTO system. The platform supports comprehensive rules-driven lifecycle processes that can, for example, retire tapes once their read/write count is reached, respond to error thresholds, and automatically migrate from legacy LTO to future-proof ALTO storage.

Enterprise Archive  


Together, TMD and Disk Archive Corporation delivers highly scalable archive systems.  Mediaflex easily integrates with the Mediaflex-UMS (Unified Media Services) messaging bus for an enterprise-class MAM solution. ALTO has unlimited scalability in capacity, bandwidth, and distribution. Migration from legacy systems is easy. Mediaflex integrates with existing 3rd-party systems, such as MAM and DAM solutions, through its RESTful API or simple watch folder XML ticket integration.  


TMD specialises in the development and delivery of solutions and associated services to the global media, broadcast and archive industries.TMD is a privately held company headquartered near London in the UK.

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