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Fusion Assets integrated with ALTO delivers an archival solution that media enterprises can rely on to manage huge volumes of content

Workflowlabs, the provider of newsroom computer systems, broadcast automation, and Fusion Assets management, offers a deep archive layer with ALTO from DAC. Fusion Assets is one of the few solutions worldwide with integration capabilities across all storage technologies and tiers without additional middleware. The robust integration with ALTO helps you to get the best out of your storage with a cohesive workflow. Advanced data integrity algorithms ensure data is intact at every stage with multi-level authentication for tasks.


Working with ALTO gives you the superior performance to linear tape and the lowest lifetime cost of ownership, thanks to ALTO’s ultra-low consumption and greatly extended disk life. Unlike RAID, ALTO stores multiple replicas of each asset on disk pairs then spins them down and un-mounts the disks, creating an additional layer of security. Unlike data tape, ALTO requires no robotics and no routine maintenance. Locally purchased disks can be added from any of the four vendor brands in batches. Any size disk in any slot protects you from obsolescence and eliminates the need for migration. Fusion Assets supports the externalization of disks, from ALTO to a Vault, for additional security as a “copy of last resort” and a repository for rights-expired content.



Drag & Drop Workflow Creation

Define data expiry for each workflow 
step. Dual copies for DR copies to be created and more.

Hybrid Architectures

Use ALTO standalone for your 
tapeless archive or include it in hybrid architectures with other technologies.


Add additional ALTO storage on the fly. Mix disk sizes from any vendor without any downtime.

Vault Support

Combine the fast access of ALTO with externalized ALTO disks in a physical

vault with location tracking.

“Fusion Assets and ALTO offer a robust and reliable deep archive solution”, says Sunil G, Sales Director at Workflowlabs.  “Together they enable media professionals to manage huge archives with ease - offering the best in performance and green credentials”.

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Solution Overview


Fusion Assets is designed to ensure that your archive solution delivers the optimal balance between cost and performance. Fast search of all your storage tiers, including the ALTO archive, is achieved with frame based tagging and advanced data caching techniques keep frequently used data in higher and faster storage tiers. Fusion Assets provides complete control of performance with user-definable task priority levels and user-defined interface layouts can be saved for customized user experience. Detailed audit trail and system performance reports are provided and Fusion Assets’ open architecture makes third party integration easy with a low-level Native Driver for high archive throughput in a distributable and infinitely scalable solution.

ALTO Overview 


ALTO is an offline, cold storage archive - a secure and convenient alternative to data tape, optical disk, and cloud for Petabyte-sized volumes of valuable media assets.   ALTO uses data file replication to create multiple non-segmented replicas of your files on removable media.


ALTO systems can be distributed between your premises and other geographically separated locations. With Gravity Deep, disks can be barcoded and externalized to vault storage, providing a copy of the last resort for disaster recovery with air-gap security. ALTO offers an outstanding combination of ultra-high security with an ultra-low lifetime cost of ownership, future-proofing your investment and minimizing your carbon footprint.


Workflowlabs has been revolutionizing the regional broadcast space since 2006. Headquartered in Bangalore, WorkflowLabs has established a reputation beyond local boundaries with global acknowledgment, having clients in Asia Pacific and America.

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