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 Bringing your archive to life with a tape to file archiving solution combining the benefits of Blue Lucy Media software
with the ALTO archive 

Over the 60 years of television history broadcasters and content producers have built up vast archives of content much of it languishing in tape vaults, which if recovered, could be a source of significant new revenue. However the cost and complexity of bringing this legacy content into the file domain - where it can be repackaged for straightforward sale or reused in new productions, has typically been seen as prohibitive.


Blue Lucy Media (BLM) with Disk Archive Corporation provides cost-effective and highly robust solutions to this problem. Using BLM Clients, operators register tapes, preview content with frame accurate control of VTRs, and encode the selected content to various file formats. Profiles are configured for easy selection by operators, defining the codec type, bitrate and the container. Simultaneous encoding of multiple format files is supported and tools are available for combining content from multiple tapes into a single file.


The digitized and encoded media is stored in an ALTO archive for secure long-term preservation and ease of access. The ALTO unique architecture is optimised for security, longevity and scalability combined with extremely low total cost of ownership. ALTO is totally non-proprietary solution based on open standards.

Key Benefits


Tape Handling & Content Review
Register tapes in the Blue Lucy Asset Management (BLAM) system and frame accurately review content.

Acquisition & Metadata Entry

Simultaneously encode to multiple file formats and add metadata using BLM Acquisition Clients.

Powerful Clip Manipulation

Manipulate files using BLM Production Clients, such as combining content from multiple tapes into single files

Locate & Distribute Archived Content

Search and locate content, transcode and distribute as required using the Miura Fulfilment Clients.

“Our BLM and ALTO Archive Recovery solution enables content owners to efficiently monetise their legacy tape archives,” says Julian Wright, CEO Blue Lucy Media. “Now our clients can really get the most out of their legacy assets with a highly reliable and cost-effective tape to file archiving solution.”

Blue Lucy 2

ALTO Storage and BLM Central Services


The BLM-ALTO archive recovery solution is highly scalable to meet the needs of different size archives and the speed of archive transfer required. Multiple servers running the BLM Ingest service can be installed, each connected to a VTR, supporting concurrent tape to file ingest operations. One or more servers can be added running BLM video processing services for layback, transcoding and tailoring and the BLAM Media Asset Management software. An ALTO Director completes the solution providing an easily integrated Virtual File System, HSM, and services for Replicating the stored media files across multiple ALTO systems for security and scalability using affordable locally sourced disk drives.

Flexible BLM Clients 


An almost unlimited BLM Clients for Acquisition, Production and Fulfilment can be installed, providing operators with access to the BLM services on the central servers and the archive content on the ALTO. Use the BLM Acquisition Client to register tapes, define and select ingest profiles, preview content, build up ingest lists, frame accurately ingest from tape to file format, and add metadata. Use the BLM Production Client for file manipulation tasks, such as joining content held on multiple tapes into single files. Use the BLM Fulfilment Client to transcode content to different formats and to distribute files to NLEs and other locations.


Blue Lucy Media is a UK based software company that provides advanced audio visual processing modules and metadata capture tools to suppliers and customers in the media and entertainment sector.

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