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We're here to help you implement the optimum archiving solution to meet your current and future needs. There are some things you may wish to consider before reaching out to us...

    Our ALTO ARX product is specifically designed for the smaller workgroup. Limited to either 50TB or 100TB, and shipped fully populated with disks, this is the product you need for a single team's archive. Read more here about ALTO-ARX. Otherwise, you need our flagship ALTO-III product. 


    ALTO makes copies, or replications, of your media files and places each copy on a separate disk. How many replications you need depends on the type of archive you wish to have - backup requires only one replication, standard archives need two, and disaster recovery archives often need three. See here for more details.


    One of the benefits of ALTO is that you are in control of the capacity of the archive. You purchase and install the disks into the ALTO chassis when you need. You choose the capacity of each disk (say 12TB, 14TB or 16TB) you install. What you do need to plan for though is how many disk slots you want. See here for more info on disk drives. 


    ALTO is typically integrated with a third party media platform - a PAM, MAM, HSM, media logistic platform etc. If you already have such a system, or you are planning on purchasing one, that you want ALTO to integrate with, you'll need to let us know and we'll advise on the configuration of out=r ALTO-Connect software you'll need. See here for more info on ALTO-Connect.  


    The architecture that we recommend for your ALTO-III Enterprise Archive will vary depending on how frequently and what concurrency of access your operation will require. Archives that are rarely access can have more ALTO Expansion units per ALTO-III Chassis and can have ALTO-Connect installed in the ALTO-III chassis. High availability archives may be better served with less expansion chassis per ALTO-II and ALTO Connect installed on a separate 1RU ALTO appliance.  


    ALTO  chassis can be installed in different racks in the same apparatus room, in different apparatus room on the same site, or on multiple locations. Discuss your requirements and preferences and we can design an archive with the level of geographic distribution you require, or even introduce you to our service partner custo,ers who can offer 

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