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Managing content production & distribution with metadata based search and access supporting ALTO Libraries & Archives

TELESTRSAM KUMULATE™ is a complete media asset management, archiving, and workflow solution for today’s file-based media operations. Masstech for Enterprise enables media companies to archive effortlessly and access, move, and manage their content assets.


Kumulate™ replaces time-consuming, repetitive media management tasks with automated, configurable workflows that support critical operations, including ingest, archiving, production, management, traffic, master control,  compliance, and distribution.


Kumulate™ makes it easy for media companies to re-purpose and share archived content, reducing content creation costs and extracting maximum value from archived content.


ALTO from Disk Archive Corporation is a true Offline Archive and Content Library solution based on high-capacity, low-cost disk drives that are fully spun down when not reading or writing files. This “cold Storage” approach saves power and greatly extends the life of the disk drives, delivering the highest density storage with the lowest total lifetime cost of ownership.  


Automatic Archive

Efficiently and automatically archive, access, move, and manage valuable content.

Deep Integration

Deep, seamless integration with an extensive range of production, automation, and playout systems.

Advanced Search

Eliminates technical hurdles – content is easy to find, share, and reuse, maximizing productivity.

Native Transcoding
Automatically delivers content in the right format for production, playout, and other applications. 

“Media companies are increasingly considering Total Lifetime Cost of ownership and the need for distributed systems” says Alan Hoggarth, Managing Director of Disk Archive Corporation. “Telestream Kumulate’s storage access solutions integrate with ALTO to address these key  criteria.” 

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Frictionless Content Management


Content can be moved automatically to make optimal use of online, nearline and ALTO deep storage resources. End users have transparent, uninterrupted access to find and preview content and metadata regardless of repository tier. And with Kumulate™ there are never additional license or support fees for expanding your storage capacity. Automated, native transcoding ensures content is always in the correct format as it moves between archive, production and distribution systems. Kumulate™ automatically transforms media being moved to meet the requirements of the destination, transparently eliminating technical barriers to maximize productivity and creativity.

Enterprise and News Support  


Kumulate™ for News is the only solution that allows journalists to automatically archive, access, share and use your company’s content directly from within any of the most popular newsroom system interfaces. Kumulate™ for News fetches the associated video and copies it into the correct location in your production server. Partial Restore capabilities enable journalists to edit archived content before retrieving it for even greater efficiency.


Telestream® specializes in products that make it possible to get video content to any audience regardless of how it is created, distributed or viewed. Telestream enables users in a broad range of business environments to leverage the value of their video content.

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