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10-Years of Archive Innovation

Now in its tenth year of innovation, Disk Archive Corporation specialises in developing high availability, high-security enterprise-class media and data archives around the world. With over 300 systems in daily use, in some of the worlds most challenging environments, ALTO systems provide scalable, flexible and reliable cold storage to meet the high performance requirements of today's organisations looking to secure their assets for the long term and unlock their potential in today's data-hungry world.  ALTO's replication-based architecture supports on-premise installations, data center systems and geographically distributed systems with vault storage for air-gap security and disaster recovery, combining outstanding performance with the lowest lifetime cost of ownership and the lowest carbon footprint. The best home for your media, the best for your business and the best for the Environment  

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ALTO is an offline, cold storage archive - a secure and convenient alternative to data tape, optical disk and cloud for Petabyte sized volumes of valuable media assets.  ALTO uses data file replication to create multiple non segmented  replicas of  your files on removable media. ALTO systems can be distributed between your premises and other geographically separated locations. Disks can be barcoded and externalised to vault storage for air-gap security providing a copy of last resort for disaster recovery.  It is widely accepted that with today's high capacity disks, RAID storage can leave your content vulnerable to loss. Clustered storage and Object storage can largely eliminate the risk but with a much higher lifetime cost of ownership. ALTO offers an outstanding combination of ultra high security, with ultra low lifetime cost of ownership, future-proofing your investment and minimising your carbon footprint.

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  • No data tapes, no optical cartridges, no robotics. Very high density with 960 TB per 4 RU Enclosure

  • No egress costs. No long restore delays. No proprietary technology, no licenses 

  • Integrates with your third-party management systems, based on open systems and standards

  • Superior performance to data tape and optical storage systems. No Migration, Deleted space recovered with no Compaction

  • Fully spun-down disks. Cold storage reduces power consumption to 0.5W/TB  and greatly extends disk life 10 Years ++

  • Scalable from 50TB for small teams & workgroups to multi-Petabyte enterprise archives

  • More robust and secure, with user-selectable file replication, distributed systems, removable media and vault storage option.

  • Lower lifetime cost of ownership than any other archive technology.

  • Proven in over 300 deployments worldwide, including areas of high humidity, and challenging environments

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