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Affordable protection for your online and nearline media assets
with manual or automated incremental backup profiles

Modern tapeless workflows depend on Online and Near-line disk storage arrays for efficient production and transmission. Today’s clustered storage systems offer multi-fault tolerance, but disasters can still happen. Even a software upgrade or system expansion can pose an additional risk. Recovering complex project structures or simply restoring a deleted file from a backup can ensure that your production is not lost.


The Nexus Backup solution is a software accessory for the ALTO Content Library, which allows you to protect rushes, work in progress, and finished clips. With this low-cost software, you can get even more value from your investment in ALTO. For entry-level systems, Nexus Backup installs directly onto ALTO, creating a replica of your nearline storage - every file and every folder secured against all eventualities.


For larger enterprises, Nexus Backup can be installed on an external server to create backups in distributed locations. You can have one replica of each file on the premises for fast access and a second replica at a remote location for Disaster Recovery.   

Key Benefits


Simple and cost Effective

Nexus Backup uses a dedicated partition on the ALTO, while the rest of the ALTO provides your Archive requirements.

User-selectable Protection

You can create a single backup copy or multiple replicas on ALTO’s high-capacity, low-cost cold storage.

Automatic Incremental Backups

After the initial upload to ALTO, files changed during the day will be backed up automatically.

Background Operation

Backups can be on-demand or scheduled at night to avoid network traffic during working hours.

“The Nexus Backup app is a perfect example of a small additional investment adding high value,” says Alan Hoggarth, CEO of DAC. “Nexus uses a small partition on ALTO to buy peace of mind, with very little additional  outlay and running cost.”

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Nexus Architecture


Nexus solutions are designed for scalable cross-platform operation. The architecture is designed to host the entire solution on a single PC or distributed over many systems and devices. This enables flexibility, affordability, and resilience, quickly adapting to everyday changes and requirements. The Nexus Backup Manager for ALTO Manager has been designed to provide a simple and affordable backup solution working at any level from a single ALTO to enterprise-class, multi-ALTO, multi-site systems.  For small systems, Nexus can be installed on ALTO and accessed from a client PC anywhere on the network, avoiding the need to invest in any external hardware.

Nexus Backup Manager for ALTO


Nexus Backup Manager is a lightweight application based on the ALTO API. Nexus monitors changes in the Target File System and creates a queue for scheduled overnight backup. A backup can also be started manually at any time. Bandwidth requirements can be managed and files can be filtered to optimize resources.

Flexible Restore Capability


Files, Folders or complex project structures can be restored from ALTO to any location at any time, back to the original Nearline storage, or to an alternative storage device anywhere on the network. 


Nexus products focus on providing robust and complete solutions for efficiently managing and automating an increasing range of IT based brodacsting tasks.

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