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Delivering flexible and adaptable Content Storage Management
in tailored solutions that simply work and grow with your business

Organizations that need a content storage solution come in all sizes and complexities, from the smallest part-time broadcaster to bustling multi-location post-houses or even to a network that spans continents. Different content management solutions are available, targeted to suit the specific needs of each. Implementing one solution for your current operation may restrict you in the future, though.


SGL FlashNet has been designed to fit all sizes of requirements to be the most scalable content storage management system available to the broadcast industry. It provides unrivaled levels of resilience, flexibility, and adaptability in tailored solutions that work. Regardless of the installation size or environment, SGL FlashNet’s clustered architecture and Open System approach provide secure, future-proof solutions that fit.


ALTO is integrated within the SGL Flashnet solution, which provides a scalable, flexible, and highly secure tapeless media archive for all sizes of operations. The ALTO unique architecture is based on data replication, which offers higher security than RAID storage, lower power consumption, and extended disk life based on affordable locally sourced disk drives.  



SGL’s Open System architecture with XML-based API enables seamless integration with third-party systems.


From a single machine running all modules to many nodes for high data throughput and resilience levels.

24x7x365 availability delivered through a unique clustered database and nodes architecture.


Power delivered through an intelligent architecture that allocates jobs to nodes based on I/O resources.

“ALTO enhances the Flashnet proposition with highly scalable and resilient content storage,” says  Alan Hoggarth, CEO at DAC.  “Together Flashnet and ALTO offer an efficient content storage management solution that can grow with a media organisation’s business”

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Clustered Architecture


SGL FlashNet’s architecture is based on clustering. Each installation comprises three base modules: the database, the resource allocation module, and one or more I/O modules. These modules are installed on physical servers, known as nodes. Each node is identical, running the same software as all others, and each node runs the I/O module. This means that every node in the FlashNet cluster is attached to the ALTO storage and can perform data transfers. Servers are not dedicated to a single device or process, which means that all nodes can be used to perform any task.

Scalable Solution  


FlashNet is scalable to a virtually infinite degree. Smaller operations may require a lower-cost archive consisting of, for example, a single physical server; this provides a compact yet highly efficient archive system whereby all three modules run on the same machine, with a single ALTO populated with up to 660 Terabytes of storage (using 22TB disks).


Larger facilities traditionally require greater speed and redundancy in the archive. Using identical FlashNet software, a cluster of 20 or more nodes can be assembled, driving one or multiple ALTO Content Libraries with ALTO Expansion units for Petabytes of disk storage as required.


SGL is a privately-owned software company that specializes in the manufacture of content storage management solutions for the broadcast industry. For over 20 years SGL has been dedicated to solution excellence.

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