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VSN Explorer MAM integrated with ALTO offers all the tools necessary for a company or a group of companies to efficiently and cost-effectively manage their archive

Select VSN Explorer MAM as your media platform, integrated with an ALTO archive, and you have all the tools necessary to manage a deep archive in your company or even across a group of companies.


Once the production process has finished, a series of management processes can start with the objective of archiving your content. Automating repetitive media management processes becomes crucial and VSN Explorer  MAM is ready for the task. Automate AI metadata enrichment, quality control, and archiving to ALTO. Use the VSN Explorer MAM web-based user interface to search and locate assets held in your ALTO archive, using the advanced metadata structures and thesaurus that you have configured using VSN tools and the proxies held by VSN. The restoring of files from ALTO is significantly faster than cloud archiving. Your archived content is less vulnerable, has a significantly lower lifetime cost of ownership, and has a lower carbon footprint than any other archiving technology.


All these VSN features are available under a pay per use business model in the Cloud . Your team can upload and manage all their content anytime anywhere, including to the ALTO archive,  further reducing costs and distributing content more effectively. 




On-prem or pay per use business model in the cloud enables users to archive anytime, anywhere.


Additional PAM, BPM and BI modules to enhance media management and fully orchestrate repetitive tasks.


The VSN Spider architecture simplifies the integration of new systems with its service oriented architecture.

Proven ALTO integration

VSN Explorer MAM is integrated and deployed with ALTO worldwide, delivering highly stable archive solutions.

“VSN Explorer integration with ALTO helps our clients manage their archived media from anywhere, anytime”, says  Jordi Utiel, CEO of VSN. “Together this  enables us to deliver reduced costs, boost efficiency and improve our clients archive processes, with a low carbon footprint.” 

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Archivist’s Metadata


Use VSN Explorer MAM to create and manage complex metadata structures. Build metadata hierarchy areas and classes with inheritable properties. Manage your own custom thesaurus,   creating a list of standard terms to achieve coherent terminology when cataloging your archive content.  Design the optimum archive workflows to meet your specific archiving needs, including enriching your metadata through integration with artificial intelligence engines for automatic metadata cataloguing and faster search of content, and video analytics through customizable reports and dashboards. All this metadata ensures that you can locate your archived content efficiently. VSN Explorer MAM with ALTO delivers a totally versatile archive system, ready for multi-department companies, and even multiple companies at the same time. 

Archivist’s Business Intelligence 


Use the Business Intelligence layer within the VSN Explorer MAM to transform your archive metadata into meaningful information for business analysis purposes. This set of tools form a new layer that is capable of extracting insightful reports  about your ALTO archive for administration, finance and project management purposes, among others. Reports can have different views for the most common graphs or tables and can also be customized. Only accessible through predefined permissions system, this business intelligence source allows the right members of your team to make timely and informed decisions concerning your archived content usage and policies.

ABOUT VSNVSN is a global technology company specializing in providing advanced software solutions to solve the needs of content creation, management and distribution in a wide variety of media and broadcast companies. VSN’s software tools are able to manage and automate the entire media life cycle, increasing productivity and reducing costs on three main areas: Media & Process Management, News & Live Production and MCR Automation & Distribution. With more than 30 years of experience and a widespread network of partners and offices around the world, clients in more than 100 countries trust VSN to maximise their performance.

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